I say “our” because in my 30+ years in business, and three careers (Journalism, Music Video Production and Marketing) I’ve amassed quite the cadre of key people; experienced people; talent vetted by clients and peers – not just “friends” we bumped into through LinkedIn. I will be asking these people to share their observations here; observations, I think, of note.

People like Craig M (the other Craig), who specializes in “finding ways to break out of the clutter, sameness and unfocused messages that diminish the effectiveness” of too many marketing efforts. Or Flo, who speaks Marketing + HTML + WordPress. Or Duane, Robyn, Ben and Emily, who all thinks SEO and Social Media spreadsheets are “fun.” Or Rich, our Chief Wizard … so many great minds.

Yes, here at the ol’ blog, I will share my Fortune 500, small business and startup experiences; my B2C and B2B experiences; web-work and Omni-theaters; articles of interest. It’s what my clients have said they love about me and my teams: versatility, flexibility, a focus on facilitating business and prospect discovery.

But enough about me! What about you? What do you need? Drop me a line and we’ll figure it out.