Interactive is synonymous with engagement. But whether the interactivity is your website, training or mobile newsletter, we religiously follow Krug’s First Law of Usability: “Don’t make me think.” – Don’t Make Me Think


Pitney Bowes: Mobile Newsletter

OPPORTUNITY : Communicate motivational news to all field reps through their company issued iPhones.

RESULTS : “In the first hour we had about 60% open rate which is awesome out of 2800.”


Rainbow Play Superstores: 18 Sites

OPPORTUNITY : Create 18 websites, all centrally controlled, but with local flexibility to sell the world’s best-selling high-end swing sets.

RESULTS : “This is excellent. We have a localized presence in 18 major markets, that we can easily control from one location. Brilliant.”


Rainbow Corporate: Dealer
Support Site

OPPORTUNITY : Ward off a serious dealer revolt

STRATEGY : Provide downloadable promotional, marketing and advertising tools, as requested by the dealers.

RESULTS : “They loved it. One dealer actually had tears of joy at our annual meeting.”


Twin City Filter Service

OPPORTUNITY : Begin the path to an unassailable brand identity

STRATEGY : Separate from industry look-a-likes beginning with a unique look & feel. Add SEO, link building, blogs, etc.

RESULTS : Web traffic is up 60%. “Sales have increased [and] there are smiles all around.”


Twin City Filter Service


OPPORTUNITY : Build regional awareness and increase web traffic.

STRATEGY : Use simple, inexpensive tactics including organic SEO, link building and blogs.

RESULTS : Using organic keywords, blogs and directory cleaning only, web traffic is up about 60%. Sales have increased [and] “there are smiles all around.”


Creative Water Solutions

OPPORTUNITY : Create a website that sells a breakthrough natural water conditioning product to consumers wary of “green” gimmicks and skeptical of new innovations.

STRATEGY : Use testimonial videos and hard science animations to assuage the customers’ skepticism, and use emotional, benefit-driven copy to bring them to the shopping cart.

RESULTS : “We had a very challenging, complicated story. Sinard has good listening skills and knew how to draw the information out of us. They’ve made our story flow simply and elegantly.” And, they’re in the black.



OPPORTUNITY : Create a sales support site for VR-MAX, Sinard Marketing’s experiential division

RESULTS : Sales reps use the site for support consistently and regard it as an indispensible tool for communicating complicated visuals.



OPPORTUNITY : Retool Dimension’s feature-heavy website to drive sales. The prospect’s only question should be, “Do I buy, lease, or rent?”

STRATEGY : Change the focus from features to user identification, benefits and ROI. Specifically, create pathways to the sale for the primary audiences; and financial pathways/ROI for the likely purchasing decision makers.

RESULTS : “Fantastic work by Sinard. They actually learned our terminology – our foreign language – to learn about our product. They brought new ideas. The result has been a great response not only from our re-sellers but also the potential clients. It’s been exciting.”


Aldo Moroni Sculpltor

OPPORTUNITY : We provide reduced rates for micro non-profits, small arts organizations and artisans


Interactive Training Target Stores

OPPORTUNITY : Train all hourly employees in Safety Basics. Make it “Fast, Fun and Friendly” and deliver it in a measurable format.

STRATEGY : Use rich interactive content, measure responses and send results to HQ and Store Manager.

RESULTS : So successful, Target used it as a model for their own work as they launched their internal multimedia department. Designed and illustrated by award-winning associate Michael Johnston.

This internal training used moderately priced video production, which used actors shot on location in Minneapolis/St. Paul.

Industry Served: Retail