To matter, your video must be the reason prospects engage. Having created hundreds of B2B and B2C productions give us wide and deep experience. You’ll get the video production you need – effective, on-time, on-budget.

Videos: the most clicked on part of your online persona; the most effective part of training; the hottest draw at your trade show. We make videos work hard. Here are a few samples.


Corporate Identity:
United Way – Twin Cities

STRATEGY : “Showcases the ‘Agenda for Lasting Change’ and why United Way is the very best investment for charitable dollars.” Video suitable with or without a presenter or intro.

RESULTS : “Fantastic.” Award Winning.


Point of Purchase:
Rainbow Play Systems

OPPORTUNITY : Launch a brand campaign to coincide with new product launches

STRATEGY : Create an emotional hook with video of real kids in real locations enjoying Rainbow Swingsets

RESULTS : “Yielded a “double digit increase in return traffic despite an economic slowdown.”


Experiential: Consumer Venue:
Trojan Condoms

OPPORTUNITY : “Evolve” was an effort to educate audiences about Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI). “Pleasurevator” was simply about sexual pleasure. Both used blatant, unapologetic entertainment about prophylactics — a taboo subject which is therefore very popular.

RESULTS : 450,000 viewers. “The audience loves it, the boss loves it, everyone loves it!”


Webvideo | POS | POP …
Creative Water Solutions

OPPORTUNITY : A real commercial pool had great results from using Creative Water Solution’s natural product.

STRATEGY : Show real people enjoying real results of low chlorine at a real pool.

RESULT : “Fantastic.” The most watched video at the site


Testimonial Sales Support:
VR-MAX Travelers Insurance

OPPORTUNITY : VR-MAX helped Fallon Worldwide and Travelers achieve their goal to make theirs one of the world’s most recognized logos in the world. This sales support video helped VR-MAX explain the technology, the artwork, and its effectiveness.

RESULTS : “Finally we have a way of showing all our interactive artworks, and the reactions they illicit.”


Sales Meeting Entertainment:
Land O’Lakes

OPPORTUNITY :Create entertaining, motivational presentations for the national sales meeting.”

RESULTS : “Dairy Wars” was such a hit, it was played over and over again at their national sales meeting. An award winning, over-the-top parody using hand-held dolls, and starring a famous wrestler-turned-Governor. // “Explosive Growth.” In pre-terrorist times, “blowing things up” (especially your competitors products) was hilarious.


Identity Video:
Iowa State University

OPPORTUNITY : Create a video to showcase Iowa State University’s CAVE and other high-technology programs to prospective students and potential clients.


Product Introduction:
Stratasys/Dimension Division

OPPORTUNITY : Create a video production to introduce Stratasys/Dimension’s new “desktop” 3D printer. Award Winning.


Sales Support | Slow Motion Test:
St. Gobain – Vetrotech

OPPORTUNITY : Demonstrate Vetrotech’s “hurricane resistant” glass with slo-mo video production of tests where 2×4’s were shot from cannons into the glass.


Sales Support | Identity Video:
Grace Lodge Assisted Living

OPPORTUNITY : Compete with high-profile national Assisted Living chains who use expensive corporate videos to sell their services.

STRATEGY : Own the “local” position by creating an inexpensive but emotional, testimonial-driven video featuring local families.


Sales Support: Trade Shows:

OPPORTUNITY : At the World Wide Food show, Ecolab Food & Beverage wanted to showcase their extensive capabilities in a way that reflected their leadership in the market.

STRATEGY : Use motion capture to engage trade show passers-by to draw them into a portable fulldome (portable Omni Theater).

RESULTS : The award winning video not only wowed them at the Trade Show, but because Sinard productions “shoot once and use everywhere,” they were able to use the video for sales promotions.

Video Production Costs, Locations, Business Categories

Video Production Pricing. From consulting on executive presentation, to production and direction of full-scale theatrical work for Television, Sinard Marketing will create videos to meet your budget. Whether $3,500 or $3,500,000, we have the experience you need to stay on-time, on-budget with the highest quality possible. BTW, the same personnel who shoot the $3.5M productions, also shoot the $3,500 videos. Talk to us!

Recent Locations: Chicago, Connecticut, Iowa, Minneapolis, Saint Paul, San Diego, Seattle, South Dakota, Texas.

Recent Businesses Categories: Premium Retail, Volume Retail, Premium Institutional, Volume Institutional, (B2B, B2C)

LOB’s: Water Treatment; Agriculture; Architecture; Chemicals; Engineering; Financial Services; Food & Beverage; Healthcare; Hospitality; Insurance; Manufacturing: Furniture, Swingsets, Construction; Food Processing; Water Treatment: Industrial and Retail Swimming Pools, Hot Tubs & Spas; Non-Profit, Charity, Education, University; Politics; Advertising Agencies.

Target Interactive Training

Target Interactive Training

OPPORTUNITY: Train all hourly employees in Safety Basics. Make it “Fast, Fun and Friendly” and deliver it in a measurable format.

STRATEGY: Use rich interactive content, measure responses and send results to HQ and Store Manager.

RESULTS: So successful, Target used it as a model for their own work as they launched their internal multimedia department. Designed and illustrated by award-winning associate Michael Johnston.

This internal training used moderately priced video production, which used actors shot on location in Minneapolis/St. Paul.

Industry Served: Retail