Craig Sinard, CMO TO GO

Small Business Marketing Projects:
Current Work

Twin City Filter Service (TCFS)

Your website isn’t a “brochure” – it needs to constantly attract new visitors, through organic search, PPC campaigns, video, Facebook, etc. Here is a glimpse into how, as their Interim CMO, I cultivated an increase in unique organic visits by 400%. The results: increased sales led TCFS to add staff to keep up with demand.

Minasian Oriental Rugs

Tired of “experts” with contradictory advice? As a Consultant, I released two vendors whose debilitating arguments had stalled Minasian’s online progress. I hired a new web designer, and advised Minasian on how to re-brand – all with great success.

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Rainbow Swingset SuperStores

Need everything? For Rainbow Play Systems my team re-created their brand, created a fighter brand, a dealer intranet … countless tactics. This video highlights a few of them; things my creative team and I brought to life over the last 20+ years.

About Craig Sinard

My Fortune 500 experience is foundational. But a small company needs lean experience. My secret sauce? I’ve been a Journalist (with intense deadlines), Music Video Producer (with intense egos) and Marketer (with budgets both lean and gross). At the heart of all three: story-telling (and patience). I have found nothing more rewarding than helping people engage their audience with their story, well told.

A small business marketing consultant is supposed to help you be found, matter, and stay engaged.

Gain the attention of people who matter and become their business friends. If this sounds about right for you, please contact me today.