Photos work. Photography and photo captions rank highest in eye-tracking and print research. Having created thousands upon thousands of B2B and B2C photos, on location and in-studio, gives us wide and deep experience. We know what’s effective for web, for social, for trade show, for print. Here are a few samples.


Real People | On Location

Beyond composition and light, the art of photography for Rainbow Play Systems is the art of using real kids, playing real games at a real location to tell the story. Much B2C photography uses models in posed positions – with unreal results. And while it is not apparent, each shot for Rainbow uses professional lighting, without looking “lit.” All our work follows this the Sinard Productions mantra: shoot once, use everywhere. Shot in South Dakota, Minneapolis and St. Paul.


Model | Set Photography

The model photography of Pablo Rivasplata, shot on location and in the studio for advertising in Lima, Peru. You don’t need to speak Spanish to see that this is exceptional photography.


Giant Products | Night Shoots

Giant products need special attention, otherwise they become “snapshots.” Learning the “hero” angles, for instance, and knowing how to light without looking “lit.” All of our work follows the Sinard Productions principal of shoot once, use everywhere. All of our shots for Rainbow were used in their catalogs, websites, POS (in-store) and videos.


Tabletop | Food Photography

Food photography must look good enough to eat. The scrumptious product photography of Pablo Rivasplata


Specialty Photography:
Panorama | Photo VR | 3D

Specialty photography, such as panoramas and Photo VR (Interactive 360º “Cylinder” panoramas), have been our joy since the mid 1990s! Photo VR has since gone from esoteric to a staple of the real estate industry.

Despite new technologies, knowing how to shoot for the best light in all directions takes skill.

While the 3D video craze ebbs and flows, stereoscopic photography has been around for well over 100 years. The 3D documentation of a full-size tiled concrete elephant was shot by Craig Sinard under the tutelage of Tom Martin on location outside Minneapolis. Artwork by Russ Vogt.

Skyline by Pablo Rivasplata. Rainbow photos by Dave Hodgson.