The webmaster suggests you read the following about “the latest major hacking attack and what you can do about it:

She adds, “Although experts believe the main target was collecting email addresses, it’s prudent to change your passwords for your important accounts since passwords were also collected.

“It’s important to change your website login password. Most attacks try to guess your password – if they already know it, getting in is obviously much easier. You should also change any passwords directly connected to financial information (online banking, credit card, etc.). Read the article for more details.

“It’s crucial to use strong passwords – 12 characters or more, capital and small letters, numbers and symbols. No recognizable words.

“If you have a lot of passwords, consider using a password manager:”

While we do endorse specific products, our producers recently started using all the functionality of 1Password, updated security at WordPress, and updated security for all of our clients. We’re doing this for ours; we recommend you do it for yours.