Everything is Design. Whether one attributes it to God, Nature or Man, the design is either pleasing or ill. Strategy is the art of discovering, choosing and promoting a design. A Value Proposition + Brand + Position = the foundation for business success.

“Brilliant execution without brilliant strategy is irrelevant, but brilliant strategy without brilliant execution is invisible.” — Juicing the Orange Sinard Marketing: Design and Strategy in harmony.

“Everything is Design. Everything.” – Paul Rand

“Brilliant execution without brilliant strategy is irrelevant, but brilliant strategy without brilliant execution is invisible.”
— Juicing the Orange

Great design makes you visible, captures your prospect’s proprietary emotion and creates your perceived value.


Creative Water Solutions

OPPORTUNITY : Create a brand campaign that sells a breakthrough natural spa and pool product to consumers wary of “green” gimmicks and skeptical of new innovations

STRATEGY : Use testimonial videos and hard science to assuage the customers’ skepticism, and use emotional, benefit-driven copy to bring them to the shopping cart

RESULTS : CWS is now in the black. According to their VP of Marketing, “we had a very challenging, complicated story. Sinard has good listening skills and knew how to draw the information out of us. They’ve made our story flow simply and elegantly.”


Rainbow Play Systems

OPPORTUNITY : Move beyond selling product features to a brand positioning campaign.

STRATEGY : Develop a marketing position to be rolled out over a two-year period.  Resolve channel conflict.  Create a dealers’ website.  Execute the new position in redesigned ads, in-store signage, videos and catalog.

RESULTS : “One dealer actually wept with joy,” when shown the new catalog, according to Rainbow’s CEO. Sinard’s work has yielded a “double digit increase in return traffic.”



OPPORTUNITY : Introduce new products and a new technology to a highly competitive 3D Printing and Rapid Prototyping marketplace.

STRATEGY : Focus on features and user ROI presented via advanced interactive multimedia

RESULTS : Our Stratasys Dimension campaign helped them earn 70% of the entire market.


Pitney Bowes

OPPORTUNITY : Need to increase awareness of products in a category new to Pitney Bowes.

STRATEGY : Increase awareness through a traditional Direct Mail and Ad campaign (remember them?). Created unique logo and reached business customers with an innovative direct mail piece.

RESULTS :The direct mail efforts increased web traffic 300%.  The ads created a “significant increase in mind share.” “As always, you guys do just such a wonderful job,” said the project lead for PB.


Arista Labs

OPPORTUNITY : Help a new, niche-tech company establish credibility and reputation.

STRATEGY: Position their services, develop a brand identity and execute the brand through a succinct tag line, highly targeted ads and DVD.

RESULTS : Arista’s president told us, “What you did was so much better than what I had in mind. That’s why I don’t work with just anyone.” At the annual review, Arista’s president said, “We’re still trying to catch up with inquiries from last year.”


Sinard Marketing for Sinard Marketing

OPPORTUNITY : Increase awareness of Sinard Marketing social media capabilities at regional companies.

STRATEGY : : Since the prospects were not using social media, we used Direct Mail! We created unique optical illusion postcards.

RESULTS : Sales reported unprecedented name recognition in follow-ups.