“Brilliant execution without brilliant strategy is irrelevant, but brilliant strategy without brilliant execution is invisible.” — Juicing the Orange

Strategic and Brand examples are on every page of this site. On this page, we reveal our principals and processes.


Marketing Fundamentals

Brand: What you say you are; the sum total of the experience you’ve created

Position: What people think you are; largely dependent on their social identities

Strategy: The methods chosen to put Brand and Position in harmony


Research Fundamentals
Quantitative + Qualitative + Logic

Our methods and goals: “Novel hypotheses” – without multiple and mutually exclusive hypotheses, you aren’t likely to discover your transformative possibilities. – (HBR R1209C)

To find: “a ruthlessly simple definition of the business problem.” (Juicing the Orange)

To discover: “a proprietary emotion … Marketers who favor reason over emotion will find themselves quite literally forgotten”. (How Customers Think)


USP Fundamentals
Finding Credible Value Props

A USP/Value Prop is only credible if you can prove it’s unique to you, and not also something your competitors can own; credible if prospects and customers perceive it to be true; credible if market trends haven’t left you behind (or haven’t caught up with you yet (you can be too far ahead of the adoption-diffusion curve; just ask Google Glasses)).

A USP may be what you say it is, and you may be able to prove it. But it won’t be useful until you establish an emotional connection.


Tactical Fundamentals
AIDA | Measure | Repeat

We know which medium, which channel for each stage.

A – I’ve heard of your product or service

I – Tell me more about your product or service

D – This is good; I will buy someday

A – I am purchasing from you now

Stay engaged with updates and offers. Earn and deserve trust, and measure satisfaction.

Tranlin Sinard Graphics
Tranlin Sinard Graphics

Cause Marketing
Are you driven by “why?”

Simon Sinek: “Innovative leaders [businesses and people] work the same way – and it’s different from most of us.”

Jim Stengel: The highest performing, highest profit brands are driven by brand ideals.

But this only matters to companies that actually have, and live, their ownable “why.”

Demonstrably effective marketing and exceptional content creation, based on accurate branding and position research; that’s what we do. We accomplish this by bringing together custom teams of deeply experienced personnel … no interns, no unsupervised children.

Be found. Matter. Stay engaged.